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Shivaraj Kandhasamy of University of Minnesota is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
T1700106-v7 Update to Tracking Temporal Variations in DARM Loop Model Parameters Jeffrey Kissel et al. Commissioning
Sensing and Control
04 Dec 2018
G1500623-v6 aLIGO, CAL, Official Advanced LIGO Sensitivity Plots Jeffrey Kissel et al. Commissioning
21 Jan 2020
P1600063-v11 Improving LIGO calibration accuracy by tracking and compensating for slow temporal variations Darkhan Tuyenbayev et al. Calibration
21 Nov 2019
P1500248-v15 Calibration of the Advanced LIGO detectors for the discovery of the binary black-hole merger GW150914 LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Calibration
13 Oct 2019
P1500249-v17 The Advanced LIGO Photon Calibrators Richard Savage et al. Calibration
Auxiliary Optics
23 Jul 2019
P1600139-v16 Calibration Uncertainty for Advanced LIGO’s First and Second Observing Runs Craig Cahillane et al. Calibration
23 Jul 2019
P1700236-v11 Reconstructing the calibrated strain signal in the Advanced LIGO detectors Aaron Viets et al. Calibration
23 Jul 2019
T1400256-v17 Time Domain Calibration in Advanced LIGO (circa O1, Now Outdated) Xavier Siemens et al. Calibration
16 Mar 2019
G1900481-v1 LIGO-India status and Calibration plans Shivaraj Kandhasamy et al. LIGO-India
Sensing and Control
Observatory Facilities
15 Mar 2019
T1700318-v1 Implementing Real-Time Calibration in Advanced LIGO Control Software Dane Stocks et al. Calibration
19 Feb 2018
P1600285-v10 Validating gravitational-wave detections: The Advanced LIGO hardware injection system Christopher Biwer et al. Detector
15 Nov 2016
T1300950-v8 Calibration Uncertainty Budget Requirements for early aLIGO Xavier Siemens et al. Calibration
23 Sep 2016
C1600098-x0 Calibration overview, status, and prospects Shivaraj Kandhasamy None
15 Mar 2016
T1500283-v2 A Short Overview of Pcal Calibration Steps Darkhan Tuyenbayev et al. Calibration
28 Jan 2016
P1000112-v27 Searching for stochastic gravitational waves using data from the two co-located LIGO Hanford detectors Shivaraj Kandhasamy et al. Stochastic
20 Aug 2015
G1401105-v1 Characterizing glitches in OPLEV Olmo Cerri et al. Detector Characterization
08 Sep 2014
G1201278-v1 Estimate of the Magnetic Contamination in the S5 H1L1 Isotropic Result Vuk Mandic et al. Detector Characterization
10 Dec 2012

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