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Hartmann Wavefront Sensor (HWS) delta-preliminary design review (PDR) documentation

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T - Technical notes
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The overview preliminary design document is given by this record ID number. It describes the aLIGO HWS at a delta-PDR level. (PDR for the HWS was part of the TCS review in 2009; see T0900304.)

Additionally, documents linked to this record encompass material recommended for complete review of the preliminary design phase (per M050220).

Design Overview
T1000705 (THIS RECORD) - Design Overview, including:
Changes since the [TCS] PDR, circa 2009
Requirements Overview
System Block Diagram
Installation / Alignment Plan

T0900655 - Required transmission:
--> this presents changes since the DRD (below)

T060068 - Estimate of TCS Sensor Requirements:
--> reference only; unchanged since 2006

T000092 - AOS TCS DRD, Vol. I:
--> reference only; unchanged since initial release

Testing, Modeling and Simulation Data
T1100052 - Hartmann Wavefront Sensor PDR: Modeling, testing, and simulation summary

Probe beam source
T1000682 - Hartmann sensor camera and sources:

Optical Layouts
T1000179 - ITM:

T1000717 - ETM:

List of Optics and Opto-Mechanics
T1000718 - ITM:

T1000719 - ETM:

E1000604 - 6 in Hartmann sensor viewports:

T0900597 - TCS Electronics specifications:

D1002851 - Hartmann Sensor Power Supply:

D1000892 - Laser Diode Controller Board:

Hartmann Sensor Assembly

Hartmann Sensor Software & CDS
T1000155 - Software Architecture:

T1000702 - HWS Computer Specifications:

T1000703 - Sensing Software, Beta Version:

T1000484 - Hartmann Sensor Storage Requirements:

Staffing -
A collaboration between the University of Adelaide (UA) and Caltech has been formalized under LIGO-L1000201-v1, whereby the majority of software development is taken on at UA and the balance of development takes place at Caltech.

Cost -
The updated cost book for HWS appears in M1000349

Schedule -
The earliest need date for HWS integration is Sept. 2011 for H2 at HAM10. Prior to this time, some HWS components (embedded in ALS) will be integrated at BSC6 of the H2 y-arm.

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