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Photon Calibrator Preliminary/Final Design Document

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09 Apr 2012, 07:09
This document is the Final Design Document for the Advanced LIGO Photon Calibrator. It details engineering and design specifications, beam, hardware, and electrical layout, as well as expected mode of operation. It reflects the input of the Photon Calibrator team as well as the LSC Calibration Committee. It also details all safety issues.
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added info: Pcal AOM driver operates at 80MHz

Figure 16 (pg 19) caption is incorrect: “Optical lever” should be replaced with “ETM camera” in the caption.
The OptLev beams are not shown in that figure. The OptLev pair of ports allow the only view of the ETM surface with a reflected beam that exits the through another window.

There are six viewports on the A1 adapter.
* Pcal uses the two onto horizontal mid plane.
* The Pcal camera uses one of the upper ports, the one on the Pcal transmitter side.
* The OptLev receiver uses the other upper port (top-left in the figure).
* The OptLev transmitter uses one of the lower ports (the one on the opposite side of the OptLev receiver -lower-right in the figure).
* The ETM camera (gigE camera used to view the resonating spot in the ETM - not part of Pcal) used the other lower port.

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