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aLIGO sensitivity projections for O2

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Sensitivity projections for O2, compared with O1 (G1600150, G1600151).

The O2 projected curves have been produced in the following way:

H1 - best sensitivity achieved during O1 (Oct 24, G1600150) with projected improved shot noise due to x2 higher circulating power in the arms (200 kW);

L1 - sensitivity curve produced by combining:

  • low frequency (below 100 Hz): best sensitivity achieved after O1 (Feb 29), before the vertex vent (conservative: further reduction of scattering peaks possible thanks to work during vent)

  • high frequency (above 100 Hz): best sensitivity achieved during O1 (G1600151), with projected improved shot noise due to slightly higher input power and improved efficiency of the readout chain thanks to work during vent.

Range Calculation : The luminosity ranges reported in the legend of these figures have been calculated using John Miller's range calculations including inspiral-merger-ringdown waveforms and cosmological effects (T1500491, gwinc svn revision 2834). Similar range values (within 1 Mpc) can be obtained by using the historical range calculation (INSPIRALRANGE function by Sutton 2003), still included in SensMon. However, it is known that [quote] the ranges reported by INSPIRALRANGE are consistently smaller than those reported by SenseMonitor when run on the SenseMonitor calibrated PSD dump files. This appears to be due to the averaging over multiple frequency bins which is done in making the dump files.Since the range varies inversely with the amplitude spectral density of the noise, averaging over frequency bins before calculating the range will tend to lower the range estimate. [END QUOTE].This is the reason why the H1 O1 range for BNS in this plot is 75 Mpc, where the corresponding SensMon range at that time is 80 Mpc; similarly for L1 (73 Mpc in SensMon, 69 Mpc here).

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