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M2300209-v1 thank you note to Paul Earle Brian Lantz et al. Letters
31 Oct 2023
L2200082-v1 Letter from astronomers about O4 run plans communicated by Ryan Foley Patrick Brady Astrophysics / Multi-messenger
05 Dec 2022
L1500109-v1 Congratulatory letter from US Senator Maria Cantwell David Reitze Public relations
13 Nov 2015
L1500141-v1 Joint Caltech-MIT Presidents' Statement on LIGO David Reitze Letters
09 Oct 2015
L1500108-v1 Congratulatory letter from US Representative Newhouse David Reitze Public relations
28 Jul 2015
L1000145-v2 aLIGO PS-130 - Laser Area Enclosure RFI Solicitation Letter - Clean Rooms West Alan Wilkins et al. Procurements
Laser Systems
30 Mar 2010
L0810022-v1 epoxy resin for Violin Mode (VM) dampers Dennis Coyne Letters
Final Design
16 Dec 2008

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