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aLIGO BS/FM Prism bonding support cylinder

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D - Drawings
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PTFE cylinder used in two places on the bonding fixture assembly to ensure a soft contact between the jig and the barrel of the respective mass during set-up and bonding of prisms.
Notes and Changes:
-v3 details the as-built configuration changes at LLO and LHO.

The Teflon cylinders, D1002151, must fit into the opening of the baseplate, D1002149,

The baseplate does not have a tolerance on most of the dimensions. They are typically zero place decimals, like 7mm, 66mm, and such. The tolerance block for the drawing is for .X +/- 0.1mm. So, even if the part were made perfectly, at a 66mm opening, the top end of the cylinder tolerance is 66mm. The baseplate should have a tolerance block of XX +/- X.1 and the cylinders should be made to 65mm +/- 0.1mm

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