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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
G2101390-v1 Initial Results from the LIGO Newtonian Calibrator Colin Weller et al. Calibration
29 Jun 2021
G2101370-v4 University of Washington GWANW 2021 Michael Ross Basic R&D
29 Jun 2021
T2100221-v2 H1 NCAL Prototype: PEM Coupling Timesh Mistry et al. Commissioning
Detector Characterization
25 Jun 2021
T2100095-v2 NCal PUM Contribution Note Michael Ross et al. Modelling
25 Jun 2021
T2100103-v1 NCal LSSA Force Extraction Michael Ross et al. Calibration
25 Jun 2021
T2000238-v9 Review of NCAL Analytic (Analytical) Force Estimates, Mathematical Details Laurence Datrier et al. Calibration
25 Jun 2021
T2000417-v7 NCAL Prototype H1 Surveying Distance Measurement Timesh Mistry et al. Basic R&D
25 Jun 2021
T2100066-v4 NCal Ratio Analysis Michael Ross et al. Basic R&D
18 Jun 2021
T2100088-v7 NCal Torque to Force Calculations Michael Ross et al. Modelling
18 Jun 2021
C2100068-x0 LIGO NCAL update Michael Ross None
15 Mar 2021
P2000198-v1 Precision Mechanical Rotation Sensors for Terrestrial Gravitational Wave Observatories Michael Ross Thesis/Dissertation
10 Jul 2020
G2000990-v2 UW GWANW 2020 Michael Ross et al. Basic R&D
01 Jul 2020
P1800038-v4 Towards windproofing LIGO: Reducing the effect of wind-driven floor tilt by using rotation sensors in active seismic isolation. Krishna Venkateswara et al. Basic R&D
Seismic Isolation
12 Mar 2020
G1801687-v1 BRS integration to ISI Arnaud Pele et al. Seismic Isolation
25 Feb 2020
T1900768-v4 SEI Roadmap - Plans and Ideas for better isolation and control for Advanced LIGO Brian Lantz et al. Seismic Isolation
26 Dec 2019
G1802012-v3 Status of Beam Rotation Sensors at LLO Krishna Venkateswara et al. Basic R&D
Seismic Isolation
19 Nov 2018
G1800951-v5 Implications of dedicated seismometer measurements on Newtonian-noise cancellation for Advanced LIGO Michael Coughlin et al. Detector Characterization
31 Aug 2018
P1700149-v7 Tilt Seismology Michael Ross et al. Seismic Isolation
11 Jul 2017

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