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C080185-v3 LIGO Commercial Items or Services Contract, General Provisions Melanie McCandless et al. Policies
Operations Business
21 Dec 2020
F070005-v1 Caltech Competitive Procurement Justification Form Phil Lindquist Procurements
18 Jan 2011
D1300361-v2 Drawing for LHO Roofing bid package. John Worden et al. Procurements
Observatory Facilities
03 May 2017
C1302350-v2 RFP No. LP-11a LIGO Hanford Insulation Removal Rudy Arvizu Procurements
Operations Liens List
01 Aug 2013
L1300131-v1 Addendum No. 3 to LHO Reroof Project 6/3/13 Rudy Arvizu Procurements
Operations Liens List
02 Jul 2013
L1300129-v1 Addendum No. 2 to LHO Reroof Project 5/31/13 Rudy Arvizu Procurements
Operations Liens List
02 Jul 2013
L1300125-v1 Addendum No. 1 to LHO Reroof Project 5/23/13 Rudy Arvizu Procurements
Operations Liens List
02 Jul 2013
C1301598-v2 Invitation To Bid for the LIGO Hanford Re-roof Rudy Arvizu et al. Operations
10 May 2013
C1002046-v1 National Historic Preservation Act Rudy Arvizu Procurements
14 Oct 2010
L1000145-v2 aLIGO PS-130 - Laser Area Enclosure RFI Solicitation Letter - Clean Rooms West Alan Wilkins et al. Procurements
Laser Systems
30 Mar 2010
C0901007-v4 Statement of Work and Terms for HAM Cross Beam Rudy Arvizu Seismic Isolation
09 Dec 2009

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