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aLIGO Chamber Entry & Exit Procedures

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The scope of this document is to summarize the general steps associated with entering HAM and BSC chambers, cleaning in-chamber items (as required) and then exiting the chambers. In general, these steps should be followed for all incursions subsequent to initial installation e.g. commissioning, final alignment or venting for scheduled maintenance. All top level installation procedures are grouped at LIGO-E1200023: aLIGO Chamber (Top Level) Installation Procedures. For latest information on optic cleaning refer to the following COC DCN, E1300142. The marked up version of the main document or the check-list should be posted to the DCC as part of a chamber vent. For checklist go to page 4 of main pdf and print as required.

Notes and Changes:
v25 - Added ref to ground loop doc T2200048, tidied up order of a couple steps
v24 - Updated to add EFM viton checks for damage to checklist
v23 - Updated checklist page with redlines from FRS 10410
v22 Refer to DCN E1800212.
V21 - Added process for putting the Electric Field Meter (EFM) into a safe state upon chamber access, plus the process for returning the EFM to service after chamber work is complete.
V20 updated to include use of TMDS at both the corner and end stations. V19 also included the removal of specific named people being called out.
v19 - v18 re-posted along with pending addendum in order to highlight / discuss proposed addendum. CIT and SA 3/1/2018.

v18 - updated to include discharge procedure as well as specific notes to check-list regarding transfer function measurements and cleaning. In addition the request to contact COC / SYS with regard to optic cleanliness replaces the previous directive detailed in DCN, LIGO-E1300142-v1

v17 - A number of items have been added to check-list including reference to M1300464 as well as all of the pending red-lines listed in abstract of v16 of this document.

v16 - minor edits from Calum. Norna edited sections 10.3 and 11.1. Also clarified sections 8.2, 8.3 and 8.10 on Airborne Particle Counters. Also name change from Guidelines to Procedures.

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